Long Long ago… in the early 90s when it emerged from Oberlin College, Pan Leggo was a quartet.  So when you hire the full band you get that original sound and energy that has made Ian Dobson's Pan Leggo so beloved throughout the Northwest.  The full band generally features two steel drum players, an electric bassist, and a percussionist.  With four of the Northwest’s top musicians performing together live, the quartet is magical!  This group is great for any occasion, but especially for a dance party, weddings, background music at any event with a summer or tropical theme, outdoor festivals, and backyard, summer parties.  The full band is highly experienced and easily adapts the volume and mood of its music to suit any event, from the most quiet living room entertainment to the most energetic stage show.  What’s more, just like Ian, the rest of the band members are very friendly and easy to work with, so you get four times the smiles!  For maximum musical impact nine out of ten dancers surveyed recommend the full band!