For Music Projects

Ian has been studying and playing percussion for over 36 years.  He has a great deal of experience touring and recording as a sideman and he would love to contribute to your recordings, tours, or any other sort of music project that you can dream up.  He also composes and arranges.  Below are samples of his abilities on various percussion instruments as well as his composing/arranging.


Drum Set (Ian’s best instrument):

jazz big band examples

rock band examples

jazz combo examples






Steel Pan


Arranging (8-piece Jazz Band, Ian also plays drum set on these examples)

Stompin’ at the Savoy

Sing Sing Sing


Composing/Arranging for Big Band

Grandpa’s Song


Composing/Arranging for Combo (Ian also plays drum set on this example)

Duck Walk


Composing/Arranging for Video (Ian plays all instruments)

Chef Demo




Orchestral Percussion

Jackson Berkey



Various Songs/Styles

Grandpa’s Song



Tin Tal