Rhythm Expeditions Game

Are you looking for a way you or your kids can be involved in music that is flexible enough to be Covid safe?  Do you want the input of a highly trained professional without spending a fortune on music lessons?  In non-pandemic times classes at places such as School of Rock were an option, but those are still expensive, can require time-consuming and expensive travel, and scheduling is not flexible.  Then of course there is the option of trying to learn on your own from Youtube videos, but then you miss out on the benefits of learning from your peers and, more importantly, you miss out on the individual guidance of an expert musician.


The Rhythm Expeditions Game offers a gamified, fun way to learn that emphasizes peer mentoring and highly-structured video interaction with an expert musician.  This structured approach rewards positive teaching and learning with other students which, in turn, allows you to achieve learning goals more efficiently and allows spending less than you would with music classes or standard private music lessons.  Best of all, you get the personal guidance of a teacher with a Master of Music in percussion and more than a quarter century of experience all over the world as a professional, performing and teaching musician.