Ian Dobson's Steel Drum Party


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A High-Energy Show, A Steel Drum Party for Students! 


Ian shares the joy of exploring other cultures through music by recounting his quirky musical journey from Seattle grunge kid to Steel Drum musician.  Throughout history there have been different groups of people who wanted to make music but faced challenges that prevented them from doing so.  The show explores how these groups overcame this adversity by inventing creative ways to make music by repurposing and recycling.  The program is interactive, with the audience participating throughout as they learn about musical innovations such as steel drums, the hambone rhythm, and the cha cha cha dance.  Audiences have the option to bring homemade instruments to the show to join in the music making and Ian’s interactive web site provides learning opportunities before and after the show.

This rhythmical journey uses music, dance, and movement to inspire resourcefulness, creativity, confidence, and an interest in exploring other languages and cultures.

Multicultural curriculum tie-ins include:

-US and Caribbean cultural history
-Multicultural themes
-Culturally relevant rhythmic concepts and basic dance steps
-Spanish language
-A unique take on recycling


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STUDENTS LOVE IAN DOBSON’S STEEL DRUM PARTY!CrossroadsBell-462.jpg?width=250

-Distinct K-6 and 7-12 versions of the show, or combined version for K-12 shows

-Custom promotional materials available to promote the show in advance

-Show available as a self-contained unit so you don’t have to provide any equipment

-Study guide and on-line curriculum available for classroom use before and after the show.

-Hassle-free booking

-Supplimentary activities , workshops, and residencies available


CrossroadsBell-469%20(1).jpg?width=350See what teachers, and parents are saying about Ian Dobson’s Steel Drum Party


... your performance was a highlight of our students’ year!  The Xylobotts will never forget their performance with you and Suzanne will have a long line of kids wanting to join the group after seeing the assembly!  Thanks again!  

Candace Ranney, Librarian, Mountain View Elementary, Shelton, WA


Thank YOU, Ian!  You were a huge hit at TRL libraries this summer.  I look forward to your return to Timberland... Again, thanks for making the summer much richer for Timberland kids and families.  Ellen Duffy, Youth Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional Library System, Southwest Washington State


We couldn't have been any happier with the way everything turned out. The day was so successful. Jeff had students tell him it was their best school day ever ! You were such a natural around these kiddos. You impressed them with your talents and you inspired them I'm sure on many levels. Thank you so much for sharing you and your joy of music with us.  Laurel Pope, ELL Program Teacher, Fryelands Elementary, Monroe

CrossroadsBell-434.jpg?width=250...one thing that sold me to book the show was the unique cultural aspect of it. I had found shows that presented one type of music which was great but you combined several types of music from several regions. Our principal really liked that as well!  Patricia Brewer, Brouillet Elementary PTA

Ian Dobson's Steel Drum Party presentation thoroughly engaged and enchanted our students! The musicianship of the group is top-notch! Ian's Recycalypso sessions were very popular with the students asCrossroadsBell-423.jpg?width=300well.They learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  Sharlie White, Music teacher, Fryelands Elementary, Monroe

My library director has been hearing great things about your performance last week!  Carol Hopkins, Children's Librarian, Puyallup Public Library

…the teens and staff had an amazing time.  Meaghan Jowdy, Director, Sammamish Boys and Girls club

Ian came and performed for us last year at a multicultural event we were having at Olympic View Elementary. We were extremely pleased with him and his performance. The way he engaged the kids and brought the music alive for them was wonderful. We would recommend him for any event.  Monica Cecil, OVPTA Activities Chair

The kids loved you!  Seriously, I'm still hearing great things out on the playground in the afternoon when I stay to let the kids play.  Such a gift to the music world you are!  Claudia Kester, Parent Volunteer, Thoreau Elementary PTA


To reach a reference please contact:

Maggie Wong, King County Library System Teen Librarian, 425-888-0554, mwong@kcls.org (email best)


Ellen Duffy, Youth Services Coordinator, Timberland Regional Library, Southwest Washington State, 360.704.4576, eduffy@trlib.org


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