What is Recycalypso?...


Steel drums are a beautiful, highly sophisticated instrument that are able to play any kind of music... but they were created out of metal junk by people in the Caribbean.  Recycalypso is when you take this amazing example of the steel drum and use it to inspire yourself to use your own resourcefulness to invent your own musical instrument out of recycled materials.

Recycalypso lets you make music, be creative, and have a Caribbean party!


If you will be heading out to one of Ian's RECYCALYPSO workshops or one of his concerts soon, here is how to get ready:






If you would like to share your recycled instrument and music with the community please take a picture or make a video of your instrument. Please email your picture or video to us. If you are camera shy we only need to see someone's hands playing it. The advantage of video is that you can show us and explain how your instrument is played, let us hear your instrument, and explain how it was made.
Send still pictures or video to


Click here to take the Recycalypso Challenge on line and win prizes


Click here to find out about the Recycalypso Workshop





Here are more videos to inspire you!


Fabulous Recycalypso instruments created by seniors



Take a hike and make some music



Hear Ian explain the RECYCALYPSO concept on the radio...



Rockin' RECYCALYPSO jams by Skagit Valley College students.




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