Recycalypso Workshop

Here's what people are saying about Ian Dobson's Recycalypso Workshop...

I wanted to say thank you to you and your band for a great day at Bennett.  Everyone was delighted and there was so much happiness buzzing in the hallway after school.

My children stayed after school for an hour to play on the playground and kids from the Boys and Girls after school care program came out parading their instruments!  

That little boy… with the intuitive sense of rhythm... I shared your compliment with his mother yesterday.  She said that she and her husband (his parents) are going through a divorce and his mother was away in a rehab program so he has been acting out getting lots of negative attention.  THIS was exactly the happy, positive day he needed!  Intuitively, I was thinking that this happy music would inspire little lives but I didn't expect to see the results so soon.

Thank YOU!

Parent at Bennett Elementary

I also wanted to thank you for such a great two days.  It turned out so much better than I could have hoped.  Everyone had a great time!!  For the first time, I don't think there was one negative comment and there usually is someone who has something negative to say [about assemblies other than Ian's that they have had in the past].  The assembly was absolutely amazing.  You had all the kids so engaged that with standing and moving around it didn't seem like there was almost 600 kids in the gym. It was so awesome!!

Kim Coleman, Assembly Coordinator, Gilbert Elementary PTA

Pre-Workshop Video

You can use this video to get your students, community members, etc. prepared for the Recycalypso Workshop

Video Explaining Recycalypso


Recycalypso is an entertaining and unique workshop that gives participants an opportunity to learn about the amazing history and culture of the steel drum.  With Ian Dobson as their guide and the steel drum as their inspiring example they explore creative ways to turn items that they think of as garbage into musical instruments. In the process they gain a new appreciation for resourcefulness and repurposing, and an understand of how frugality can lead to creativity… but, most importantly, they get to have a Caribbean party!


1. Elementary version geared toward ages 6 through 12.  One hour.

2. College version geared toward high school/college and older.  2.5 to 4 hours including lecture, instrument-building/playing workshop, and performance.

Rockin' RECYCALYPSO jams by Skagit Valley College students after a Recycalypso workshop



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