Log Cabin Blues Rehearsal

Sorry, I've totally spaced out until NOW about organizing Log Cabin Blues, Ughhh ºAºllllllNext week shouldn't be very busy for me, I'm going to be asking Mr. Kim for the piece and going through individual sections; probably skimming the piece too. If you're normally not used to playing on mallet instruments, start practicing!The piece is slightly difficult (Hahah ._.;;;) and I don't know if I'll be able to sight read through, but we can try that this week or next week. I was planning on giving everyone a week to read through, make notes, individual sight-reading and so on.If you have any troubles with reading through the piece, I can try to help. Or you can ask each other on the parts.I don't want to push everyone into starting on the piece immediately, but please do put effort into it as soon as possible.I find listening to the piece before playing pretty helpful, it's up to you though.Good luck to everyone~!-JessicaAs of performance day... I really don't know when we'll be playing this. Suggestions?

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  • Great Job Jessica!

    The piece is challenging, BUT, it is repetitive. Can you please look at the piece and see how many totally unique sections it has on Monday? Let us know right away. The strategy that you will want to use is to thoroughly learn one section at a time at a slow pace. Lots of practice with the metronome! We need to make a schedule for learning the sections and you MUST stick to it. In other words, if there are 5 sections to the piece it is like you will have 5 different performances between now and the end of school when you play the piece. Learn the first section well at a slow tempo and then perform it on video and post the video on this site, do the same with the second section, etc.

    So, let us know on Monday Jessica how many unique sections there are to the piece (if you see a section that just repeats all the music from a previous section, don't count that section).

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