Group to organize rehearsal and performance of Log Cabin Blues by the Interlake Percussion Ensemble #1.
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This piece should be great fun!

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  • The other 4 guys will play marimbas. You will play the xylophone solo! Don't worry, you don't have to play it as fast as these guys.
  • Huh. Are we all supposed to be playing marimbas then?

    Or are we going to use the vibraphones instead? :/
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Log Cabin Blues Rehearsal

Sorry, I've totally spaced out until NOW about organizing Log Cabin Blues, Ughhh ºAºllllllNext week shouldn't be very busy for me, I'm going to be asking Mr. Kim for the piece and going through individual sections; probably skimming the piece too. If you're normally not used to playing on mallet instruments, start practicing!The piece is slightly difficult (Hahah ._.;;;) and I don't know if I'll be able to sight read through, but we can try that this week or next week. I was planning on giving…

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