Determining quality

Eric wrote:

Ya he wants 2000 also it has the cases what do you think he sent me more pics they don't look like they ve been bet up the looked goop

My Answer:


I'd definitely suggest you play them.  Maybe he could play them and record them and I could take a listen.  Also if he could take them out and set them up and take some pictures that would be good.  It's a good price probably if they are in good condition and really made by Ellie.


My teaching will not be based around this type of pan though, so I wouldn't really be able to offer you much in the way of instruction if you buy these.  Also they will be much more cumbersome to carry as there are two of them rather than one.  They'll also be harder to learn in some ways.  On the other hand, many people prefer the deeper, mellower sound of the double 2nds.

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  • Wow!  Congratulations.  How much was it?  Can you give me a link to the pan that you got?  Was it a C lead with a 4ths 5ths pattern?
  • I just ordered a tenor pan from panyard the owner Ron was really
    Cool to deal with I'm excited to get it
  • My recommendation is to get a lead pan (the highest voice) if you are someone with minimal musical experience.  That is just one drum, so you wouldn't be looking at purchasing a set.  Basically the drums are all the same size, at least in diameter.  They are the standard diameter for an oil barrel (26" I believe).  If you think you have identified one on line feel free to post the link here and I'll check it out and see if it is the correct drum.  There are mini-pans that are sold but you shouldn't buy one if you are serious about playing music on it.
  • Eric wrote:

    Hey I tried posting on the other site but I don't think it went thru the guy in posted about wants 1800 bit if you say you can't teach me on those I'll keep looking I seen a couple on eBay by I'll also emailed a couple people you suggested I'm still waiting to here back what's the difference between tenor or medium sized pans also should I be looking at on pan or a set  thanks if there's a way you can show me I'll move these post over to the other site thanks Ian

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