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From site member Jen:

Hi Ian,
I am writing to plant a steel drum seed in my world of music, and one that may take a few months to sprout. I previously studied Tabla for a year at the university of Oregon, Eugene and played mostly by myself- the tabl

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Purchasing a Beginning Steel Drum

I have a couple of questions about steel drums, as I am now motivated to buy one to plunk around with in
my spare time:
1.    There are lots of brands out there, Fancy Pans, Panhandler, Vista Pan, Steel Pans, Roseman, Steel Trini
etc.  Which would

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Determining quality

Eric wrote:

Ya he wants 2000 also it has the cases what do you think he sent me more pics they don't look like they ve been bet up the looked goop

My Answer:


I'd definitely suggest you play them.  Maybe he could play them and record them and I c

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