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Hi Everyone,



How come we are already in October? Where did the summer go!? Oh yea I remember, it went speeding past as I was having an absolute blast playing for fabulous audiences all over the Pacific Northwest!  


In this newsletter I want to share with you some of the improvised music that I created with these audiences.




if you want to celebrate the Fall or to throw the BEST Halloween Party, I'm your man! Book your private party today!


The bad news… while I have a few more private performances in October there are no more public shows currently scheduled.


The good news… I will be available to perform or lead music workshops in the Pacific Northwest through the first week of November if you would like to book me for a private or public event.


The even better news… you’ll save money!


Click here for information on my shows


Click here for information on my workshops


MEXICO BOOKINGS available from Mid November 2023 through April 2024


SPRING PACIFIC NORTHWEST BOOKINGS available starting mid May, 2023


Follow these steps to book your tropical party TODAY:

If you see a Virtual Steel Drum Party scheduled on a Sunday please know that these shows are flexible, so those times are available for you to book me also!


Live Audience Remixes

One of the things I have become most passionate about over the years is interacting with the audience.  To that end, I usually get people actively involved with the music in one or more ways.  One way is to sample voices from the audience and create a live remix with those voices.  I used to post these remixes on Youtube after the shows, but wasn’t able to continue that because it was so time consuming.  Now, with the collaboration of my very talented booking coordinator and musical collaborator Jonathan Barocio, I’m able to start posting some of these remixes for posterity.  May the kids who lent their voices and those kids families enjoy these for years to come!


In September I got to return to the KOA Resort in Astoria, Oregon.  It’s a fun and friendly place with a great variety of campers.  The show was moved indoors due to the rain and cold.  The indoor venue turned out to be a blast!  Check out this remix of voices from the audience!


KOA Remix

Also in September I got to perform at the REI flagship store in downtown Seattle.  REI is one of those brands that, while having national presence, are intrinsically Seattleite; it started as a funky, counter-culture business but then went on to spread throughout the US.  REI was a place I frequented my entire childhood and I have fond memories of the original location.  This event focused on the youngest outdoor enthusiasts, and they hired me to create music for the afternoon.  Check out the heart-felt and hilarious animal sounds the kids made!



That's All for Today Folks!

Thank you for making it to the bottom of the newsletter, I hope you enjoyed the read. See you south of the border!

Keep dancin’



Ian Dobson




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