Spring has sprung, and so I announce the sprouting of a tiny bud of an idea I have been thinking about and planning for years.  But first, a quick note about a great show tomorrow…



***Kent Regional Library-Ian Dobson's Steel Drum Party-Solo


3/26/16 3pm to 3:45pm, Kent Regional Library, 212 2nd Avenue North, Kent, WA 98032, United States


Artist: Ian Dobson




Details: Culture, Music, Creativity, Technology

Dance, clap, and stomp along to live steel drum music!  This rhythmical journey uses music, dance, and movement to inspire resourcefulness, creativity, confidence, and an interest in exploring other languages and cultures.  Ian has performed it hundreds of times all over the United States for young audiences large and small.  Ian is performing as part of the King County Library System’s “Many Voices, One Land” 2016 program.



And now back to my big announcement! 




My Rhythm Academy offers educational music performances and workshops, but it has always been my plan that, at its heart, the Rhythm Academy would offer innovative percussion curriculum that can be accessed anywhere.


The overall goal is to create adventures in music by making learning music accessible, affordable and social.  The strategy is to leverage the number of students I can reach by encouraging peer mentoring through socialnetworking.  The on-line, social-network-based curriculum includes:


*Peer Mentoring


*Frequent Instructor Evaluation


*Step-By-Step Curriculum


*Gaming Elements


I am just trying out this teaching concept for the first time and eager to see how it works and what sort of feedback I receive.  For now the on-line curriculum/rhythm game is just for minors, but requires an adult to sign up for my web site on behalf of the minor.  If you are already signed up for my web site it is easy to add a minor to your account.




Do you have children, grandchildren, or other kids in your life that might enjoy trying out a new way of learning music?  If so, please click on the page below:




Thank you!!!!  I am very excited about this…






My new artwork for the Ian Dobson’s Steel Drum Party show is so much fun!





But wait, do you or someone you know like to color?  Here is an outline version of the above picture for you, your kids, or your friends  to color in.  Why not add in some musical notes while you’re at it?


please click here for a link to the coloring page for printing


If you are a member of www.iandobson.com I would love to see you scan (or take a picture on your phone) your colored page and post it on the site.   Or just email it back to me at this address and I will post it.


Have fun! 


I look forward to seeing you at the Rhythm Academy-either on line or at one of my shows or workshops!


Ian Dobson

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