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1. Beat Making with Your Sounds

Creativity, Music, Technology, Acoustics


Target Audience 10-18 years and/or Adults

Previous generations of music students could never have imagined the exploding world of digital musical instruments on which young peo

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Caribbean steel drum party!

In Caribbean English pan leggo literally means steel drum party, and a party is just what this show delivers.  Ian Dobson’s Pan Leggo is highly interactive, ideal for many settings, and is available as a sol

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What is Recycalypso?...


Steel drums are a beautiful, highly sophisticated instrument that are able to play any kind of music... but they were created out of metal junk by people in the Caribbean.  Recycalypso is when you take this amazing example o

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Do you book entertainment for a cruise line or are you lookingfor great acts for your theme cruise?  Ian offers an ideal solution for a Caribbean cruise. 


Ian Dobson's Caribbean Escape is a highly entertaining andeducational show.

It's fun and a

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1. Steel Drum Party!

Culture, Music, Creativity, Technology



Dance, clap, and stomp along to live steel drum music in this highly-interactive rhythmical journey!  The show uses uses music, dance, and movemen

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The majority of Ian's performances include or feature the steel drums and could be a good fit for your event.  However, Ian offers two acts that are custom tailored to events such as weddings, private parties, golf tournaments, corporate events, and

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Ian is a Seattle native who turned his back on the fame and fortune of grunge stardom to travel the world performing and learning about the music of various cultures.  His travels took him all over Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South and Centra

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Ian often performs, studies, and teaches abroad in a warm place during the winter months.  Check back here for information on how you can join him on his next adventure and have your own (non-virtual) musical adventure.  Examples of potential future

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Ian's Solo Tropical Music Examples 

Ian Dobson's Steel Drum Party!!! -- Band Examples

Ian Playing Ukulele

Unique Holiday Music!

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Ian Dobson

P.O. Box 95212

Seattle, WA 98145-2212



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If you've come to this page chances are that Ian will bebringing his Recycalypso workshop and/or Recycalypso concert to your area soon. 


Recycalypso is an entertaining and unique workshop that givesparticipants an opportunity to learn about the a

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