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#1  The performance you are about to see is called: “Ian Dobson’s Pan Leggo.”  In the Caribbean region “Pan” means “steel drum”, “Leggo” means “party.”  Are you guys ready for a steel drum party!

Ian Dobson is going to take you on a journey to exp

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In this 1.5 hour program Ian Dobson shares how people with few resources in various cultures have used their creativity and resourcefulness to engineer sophisticated musical instruments from recycled materials. The primary example used in the show is

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This form contains a few questions and most should be very easy and quick. Most people will save $100 to over $200 by filling out this form. By doing this yourself on line you are helping us spend less time on booking and more time on creating grea

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We'll have great prizes for your recycalypso instruments:

Best Overall Recycalypso Instrument:

Buzz Inn gift certificate and T-Shirt

Here's the t-shirt!


Here is how to get ready to compete!:


1. Look around you, in your house, your school, your

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Here's what people are saying about Ian Dobson's Recycalypso Workshop...

I wanted to say thank you to you and your band for a great day at Bennett.  Everyone was delighted and there was so much happiness buzzing in the hallway after school.

My child

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(please note that not all of these are available with the Pan Leggo Steelband)


Pum Pum
Black Magic Woman 4 1
Brown Eyed Girl 125 - 4 2
I’m Yours 2 1
Over the Rainbow
Bubble Toes 120 - 4 3
Cheeseburger in Paradise 125 - 1. 5
Your Welcome
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Over the years I've performed at and helped people plancountless tropical-themed parties.  I've learned a thing or two doing this.


Initial Suggestions:

-Limbo sticks are a lot of fun at a tropical party

-Put the band close to the action (food serv

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Over the years Ian has performed at and helped people plan countless tropical-themed parties.  He's learned a thing or two about tropical parties while doing this.


Ian's Initial Suggestions:

-Limbo sticks are a lot of fun at a tropical party

-Put t

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Press Reviews:


Dobson’s wanderlust and musical passion can be heard on his self-produced CD Caribbean Steel Drum Party.  Dobson and his musicians perform exuberant salsa, samba…, reggae…, rock…, jazz (a salsafied version of John Coltrane’s ‘Giant S

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Ian has been studying and playing percussion for over 36 years.  He has a great deal of experience touring and recording as a sideman and he would love to contribute to your recordings, tours, or any other sort of music project that you can dream up.

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