Tropical Escape Show

Ian's new show, "Ian Dobson's Tropical Escape" takes the audience on a tropical vacation. It is ideal for a concert setting and for retirement homes and is offered as a solo or with a band.  He sings, dances and plays steel drums, ukulele, marimba, and percussion while answering the question of how a Seattle grunge kid ends up playing tropical music for a living. As he recounts his quirky musical journey he explores the common roots of rock and Latin music, taking the audience on an interactive musical tour of the Islands and putting them into an island state of mind.


This can be a very fun and creative mid-winter concert offering.  Presenters have served tropical drinks, publicized a tropical outfit contest (which Ian holds on stage), and put up tropical decorations.


Sample Poster for Intimate Solo Show:




Excerpts from the solo version of the show:




Samples of Full Band Version of Ian Dobson's Tropical Escape Show:




Live in Pocatello, Idaho



The show should be billed as Ian Dobson's Tropical Escape or just Tropical Escape if the first option is too long.  Make sure and mention "steel drum" somewhere in all marketing material.  Here are some suggested picture options for Ian Dobson's Tropical Escape.  Just click on the pictures to see them full size and/or download: